Welcome to VoiceAGE Clinical Dictation, a home for healthcare providers who are dedicated to efficiency in their healthcare documentation process. My name is Connell McGrath, the principal of VoiceAGE. I’ve been helping doctors get the most out of dictation software since 2000. It’s all I do, so over the years I have developed in-depth knowledge of how doctors think and work, and how the dictation software can best work for them. The processes I teach are mission-critical, so I strive to set the highest standard for my work. I find creative, simple and efficient solutions for my clients. I’ve had a broad range of experience setting up these systems in EHRs and in word processors like Microsoft Word. I enjoy that moment of instant rapport that I get with new clients during our first training session, and I love to see their excitement and enthusiasm as they begin to master this liberating technology.

I am committed to maintaining VoiceAGE as a company with the highest standards of business ethics and as a leading expert in the field of voice recognition solutions.

I live and work in central Berkshire County (Massachusetts), and I’m originally from New York City. I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. Happily married with two kids.